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DAS Collector / Server

A DAS Collector receives digital data from existing Level 2 node(s) and Level 1 controllers and analog data from other devices and then archives it. A DAS Server (often the same machine) serves this data to MS Windows clients running the DAS Analyser.

The DAS Collector’s powerful trigger definition logic allows capture of the most complex trigger requirements, and handles 3 pieces simultaneously. Lead times and delays on trigger signals allow data to be archived just before pick-ups as well as just after dropouts.

The DAS Collector signal count and coil data-set size is limited only by available physical memory. Past installations have typically ranged from 500 to several thousand signals at 10 to 50Hz. Sample rates up to 50 Hz are normally supported but higher custom rates can be arranged for some signals.

The DAS Server maintains lists of coil archives with a variety of setup and user-defined summary data. These can be used to identify specific products, cobbled and off-gauge pieces and other special coils. Filtering coils on this data is easily set up and then coils are quickly scanned in rolling order either filtered or unfiltered.

Individual archive files can be coil-based, time-based, special event or manually triggered. Special event archives include mill calibrations and mill modulus tests. The archive size on the DAS Server is limited only by available disk space. With modern disk capacities archives containing tens of thousands of pieces are typical.